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At “Studyia” , you must first read and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned below for safety precautions of mutual understanding in future. In case you find yourself not comfortable with any of the condition, avoid USING OUR WEBSITE.

  • STUDYIA can only be used by the customers who are not underage. In all the other cases, it is prohibited for you.
  • When you are placing your order, it clearly states that you have read, understood, acknowledged and also have agreed to all the terms and conditions of our website.


  • At the time of placing the order, keep this in mind that the content you acquire is for only your personal use. It is highly recommended not to use the content in any of the commercial process. All the content that we provide are being drafted by our expert writers.


  • Articles/words/content we deliver are completely written by our writers and are not spam.
  • Any unauthorized/illegal use of words/content from STUDYIA subjects you to civil /criminal penalties.


  • CONTENTS are provided by STUDYIA Experts for solely the purpose of reference. We prefer you not use it for your any substitute purpose. Instead, use it an example as for how to maintain your work/assignment.
  • We do not encourage/support any sort of activity contains plagiarism or any sort of fraud activity. We follow all copyright laws. We do not in any way appreciate any customer to commit plagiarism or violation of laws. We do not affiliate with any unethical, inappropriate or illegal usage of content we provide.


  • STUDYIA can be linked to other websites. However, we do not approve or certify any other sites linked. Exceptionally when we have specifically stated about it. When you agree to our conditions stated, the customer agrees that if he will to link with other websites, all on his/her own risk.


  • We firmly believe higher the security system, greater the chances of winning trust of our customers. We consider your information confidential and it is not in any way shared or delivered to any third parties. Your information is solely used for the order placement, delivery and security purposes. There are zero chances for your information to get leaked/used for any other purpose except mentioned above.

OUR Responsibility:


Verification Process:

Our main concern is to verify fraud. To prevent any kind of dishonesty, we have set certain procedures in which provision certificate is necessary of every of our every Customer’s billing information. This comes under the responsibilities of a customer to have verified the data and information that he/she has provided us with.
Note that we are against any kind of cybercrime.

Miscellaneous information:

In case we have been provided with miscellaneous information, it will violate the Terms and Conditions defining the rights and obligations of both the contracted parties, whether it be the Customer or the Company. The result of such activity would lead us not only to disown all the terms with the customer but also to invoice about the unethical activity he/she pertains.


  • The customer agrees that these Terms and Conditions can be ALTERED by the STUDYIA anytime for the establishment of the website. It is recommended that you keep track of any changes made to the above Terms and Conditions, since we guarantee immediate reflection of any such changes on the present webpage of this STUDYIA.